Silver Companions is committed to providing high quality, client-centered and affordable Home Care services to our clients to assist them to lead dignified and independent lives in the comfort and safety of their own homes or familiar surroundings.

Brian and Leslie founded Silver Companions in 2006 after seeing their own families struggle with the heartaches of realizing their aging relatives needed someone to help them with their day to day activities.  Brian and Leslie were both living in Georgia and their families were spread out over the United States.  At the time, they had no idea where to turn or how to find quality, professional care.  They didn’t want their aging loved one to feel like they had a babysitter. They wanted them to feel like they had a friend and a companion to help them to maintain a safe and loving environment.

How We Started

Leslie’s grandmother lived alone in Florida.  Her grandmother was caring and overly generous, but too many people knew this and took advantage of it!   She would tell Brian and Leslie alarming stories about how the handy man she pre-paid had taken off with her money, or how the man at the grocery store stole her wallet.  There were also concerns about her driving because she would drive on the wrong side of the road and was angry with the other drivers who were “swerving” into her lane!  This was a dangerous situation!  Leslie was trying to hold down a full time job and get to her grandmother in Florida every weekend.  The pressure was so overwhelming that Leslie’s job performance and her emotional well-being suffered. Leslie asked Dr.s and social workers for help and no one knew how to help her.  She felt lost, but she knew, in the end that family ALWAYS comes first and she was determined to find an answer.

Leslie thought about hiring an independent caregiver, but then came the questions related to training, background checks, taxes, insurance, etc. She wanted assurance that the caregiver was properly trained and was a person she could trust. Leslie looked desperately for help but could not find it.  At the time, Leslie and Brian had no idea what to do and realized that not only did Florida residents need help, but there was a need for seniors to be able to find qualified caregivers, right here in their own community!  Leslie and Brian knew there had to be people who were just like them and had no clue where to turn or what to do to find quality care.  Soon after, Silver Companions was established. We can assure you that we are committed to providing you a trained, reliable and trustworthy caregiver.

Brian Mitchell

Brian Mitchell has helped shaped senior care in Cherokee County GA since 2006 after being challenged with his own family’s home care needs. He, along with his wife Leslie, founded Silver Companions 15 years ago. Together they developed a business that truly focused on a care recipient’s whole wellbeing while connecting well-trained, empathetic caregivers to provide compassionate care.

Brian earned a Gerontology Certification back in 2009.  He has extensive working knowledge with many age related senior care concerns. He also has specialized training in Senior Care, including comprehensive training in many types of Dementia Care, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s care.  Brian believes in practicing care using the “Best Friends” approach when working with clients afflicted with memory loss.

He has a solid understanding of importance of levels of service required by our aging population. He takes time to listen so he can understand the unique challenges families have in caring for their loved ones.

It’s his natural ability to problem solve, as well as his excellent eye for detail, that allows him to unite an effective care team that is able to comfortably communicate with the family and care recipient so that all levels of needs are met. His dedication to the families, care recipients and the care teams he works with is very apparent when you see his online reviews and references.

Leslie Rothenberg

I have been a local business owner in Cherokee County, GA for over 25 years.  I have immeasurable experience as a small business owner and have an invaluable understanding of the importance of high levels of service and care. I bring consistency, reliability, honesty and integrity to all of my endeavors. I founded Silver Companions with my husband 15 years ago after struggling with my grandmother’s care. I understand the challenge in caring for a loved one at home and I am dedicated to the families, care recipients and care team I work with.  I have a knack for anticipating patient needs after learning about each persons unique situation.  I carefully work with seniors and their families to develop customized care plans, stressing the importance of allowing for independence while promoting safety at all times.  I know how important it is to unite an effective care team that is able to comfortably communicate with the family and care recipient so that all levels of needs are met. I am a Certified Senior Advisor and I am also trained as a Certified Nursing Assistant for over 10 years. I have specialized training in Senior Care, including comprehensive training in Dementia Care, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s care, CPR, Fire & Safety, Fall Prevention. I have extensive working knowledge with Memory Care, Transplant Patients, Hip, Knee and Back fractures and breaks, Strokes, Dementia, Arthritis, Diabetic patients as well as with total care and bedridden clients.